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Frequent Customer Queries

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I am unable the find the ‘send to email’ option in Avada forms2022-04-15T09:38:44+00:00

Post Avada v7.7, Emails are managed via the notification tab in the Avada form options, Screenshot here. You can add a new notification which can send emails to your desired ID along with automated replies

I am trying to update my theme to latest version but getting a critical error ?2022-03-21T14:50:11+00:00

This can happen if you are updating from an older version and there is an incompatibility between Avada Core / Avada Builder and theme version itself, the solution is to simply Disable and Delete both Avada Core and Avada Builder plugin(s) manually and then reinstall the latest versions again from the Avada Dashboard.

I am trying to register my site but I get an error that “Your purchased code is being used on another domain”2022-02-02T06:04:35+00:00

This can happen when the site you have has been reset a few times or if the code was being used in a domain which has been deleted before unregistering the purchase code. For domains that no longer exist or are no longer using Avada, you can simply unregister the code via your support account area in the registration(relevant screenshot here).

If the issue is being faced on the same site then you will need to reach out to support.

I am importing a prebuilt website but the import has failed. What can I do?2021-09-30T08:18:02+00:00

Avada does provide an option to import the prebuilt sites via an alternative method. Please do refer our documentation link to see how this can be done.

Why does my content not display correctly in IE11 post updating to Avada v7.4?2021-06-11T10:02:40+00:00

Post 7.4, support for IE11 has ended. You can read our article on this here
Furthermore, WordPress is going to drop IE11 in a few days, Relevant link
If you do use IE, windows does not recommend it and now starts edge automatically, Screenshot here

I have multiple Avada licenses. How can I match my licenses with the domain names?2021-03-31T10:53:08+00:00

You do not need to match the order of your listed purchases with a site. You can add the purchase code in any order. All we need to ensure is that the same purchase code is not used more than once (as the same code will not work in more than one site)

Log into your support account, and navigate to the purchase codes tab to see the details of your licenses and the domains registered against them, however if you don’t see any license or domains listed there, you have the freedom to assign any of your purchase code to any domain from the scratch, this will not cause any issues with your site at all.

We have actually made a QnA section that provides answer to all your queries above which you can check out here =>

I have updated to Avada 7.3 (or above), and now it says, “Avada Product Registration Needs To Be Updated”. What does this mean?2021-09-30T07:25:39+00:00

If you have updated to Avada 7.3(or above) and have not yet re-registered your Avada website with a purchase code as explained in this help file, the Envato token key will only continue to be valid for an additional ten (10) days.

Once the ten (10) days are concluded, the Envato token key will be rendered invalid. This will not cause your site to break or to stop functioning normally. However, you will be required to register the website with a purchase code.

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