The year of 2016 brings so much excitement for our 824,611+ customer base. Avada has been the #1 selling theme for 4 years in a row with no signs of stopping. Our goal is to ensure we are leaders and innovators in this market. Avada is a digital product that deals with ever-changing web technologies. This requires ThemeFusion to make careful decisions so we can continue and move forward into the future. These decisions allow us to improve and innovate, while making sure our customer base receives the best product they possibly can.

Backwards Compatibility is critically important to us. Each decision taken and executed by our team is the result of highly detailed planning to ensure that every customer can update as smoothly as possible. We do all in our power to inform our customer base of important changes that each major update brings. Avada 5.0 has 3 important items that vastly improve Avada, at the same time, they require our customers to be well informed about each of them.

1. New Token Registration For Auto Updates / Demo Importing / Plugin install & Updates

In past versions of Avada, auto updates required a 3 part registration process, while demo importing and installing/updating of plugins did not require anything. However, there are a few issues with this.

First, a 3 part registration process is cumbersome and only worked for auto theme updates. Second, this previous process was based off the old Envato API which is very soon coming to an end. Since the old Envato API is ending, we are required to work with the new API which has many enhancements and improvements. One of these improvements allows us to make the registration process much easier!

Enter the new Envato token registration process! This process only requires one single key and is very easy to setup.

The new token registration process will be required to receive auto theme updates, Avada demos, and premium plugins to install and update. Though past versions of Avada did not require you to register the product to receive the demos and plugins, Avada 5.0 will. This may seem like an unnecessary step, but in reality it’s a vast improvement and all for the better!

Before you hold reservations, let me explain what this means for you, the Avada customer. The new token method allows us to control all three items (auto theme updates / Avada demos / premium plugins) with one token key from your Envato account. This allows us to provide you with all the necessary data from a server instead of the theme zip file.

This means a drastically reduced theme zip file that will easily install without the need to bump up PHP configurations. Customers with low PHP configurations or shared servers will no longer have to login via FTP to upload the theme.

In addition, this allows us to continue adding as many demos as we need, offer more plugins, reduce unnecessary bugs and more easily maintain a more efficient codebase. This is a major improvement and overall time saver!

The new registration process is done through the new Envato API via a token key. When you update to Avada 5.0 you will see this below on the Avada Product Registration Tab. Simply click on the instruction toggle box to view information on how to get your token key. Once registration is complete, all Avada demos can be imported and premium plugins (currently Layer Slider and Revolution Slider) will be able to be installed or updated.

What Does This Mean For You?

While this is a major improvement for our customers, codebase and product, there is one thing we could not make happen. We tried everything we could and worked with Envato on trying to make it happen. However …

If you have already setup product registration for auto updates before, you will need to setup product registration again. This means you have to update to Avada 5.0 manually through WP admin or via FTP. Unfortunately we were unable to move over registrations. Thankfully the new token key registration system is easy to do and only needs done once.

After updating to 5.0, you will see the screen above and need to register the product via the new token process if you want auto updates / Avada demos / premium plugins.

When Avada 5.0 releases, a full documentation post will be live in our support center. Simply go to the main support page and enter a few keywords in the search field to find it.

2. Portfolio & FAQ Page Templates Are Removed

Previously we had two methods to display your portfolio post types; a specific portfolio page template or the recent work element. And we had only one method to display your FAQ post types, the FAQ page template.

Page templates are limiting because they do not allow you to place the corresponding post type wherever you’d like which makes it difficult to build a page with additional content. For example, you can use a Portfolio 3 column page template, and insert additional content on the page but the additional content will always be above the portfolio posts. The same is true for the FAQ page template.

Elements (shortcodes) on the other hand, do not have this limitation, they are far more superior and we have chosen to only use them moving forward for our custom post types. Avada 5.0 brings a new FAQ element (this has been widely requested, yay!) and the recent work element has been renamed to portfolio.

Our goal is to always improve, simplify and enhance Avada. In this instance simplification is necessary. We offer two methods to do the same thing, but one method (elements) is way more flexible. This is the reasoning behind removing all Portfolio and FAQ page templates.

Instead of using page templates, you will be using the Portfolio and FAQ elements to display those post types anywhere you wish to display them. Elements are far superior than page templates because they A) can be placed anywhere on the page, even between other content, B) offer several more customization options, C) simplify the process of page building.

The portfolio element gets long awaited feature additions like the load more button, infinite scroll, portfolio title display, text alignment, boxed padding and more. The FAQ element gets filter display, category selection and exclude categories. In addition every element now gets the brand new element visibility system that allows you to display exactly what you want on mobile, tablets and desktop.

What Does This Mean For You?

When you update to Avada 5.0, if you have a page that is using a portfolio or FAQ page template, everything will be automatically taken care of.

The page template will be converted to the default or 100% width (if you had 100% width selected in fusion page options) page template, and a portfolio or FAQ element will be added to it with the same options you previously had. The Fusion Page Options tab for Portfolio will be removed since it is no longer needed. All options and settings for Portfolio and FAQ elements are controlled directly in the element settings window via Fusion Builder, or globally via Fusion Theme Options.

We’ve created the code to ensure the removal of these page templates and accurate conversion of your settings for any Portfolio or FAQ page template you were using. Everything is taken care of when you update to Avada 5.0.

For those who use child themes and have modified these templates that will be removed in Avada 5.0, you can now modify the Portfolio or FAQ element with new hooks and also full element class replacement. Both are taken care of in our codebase.

When Avada 5.0 releases, a full documentation post will be live in our support center. Simply go to the main support page and enter a few keywords in the search field to find it.

3. Fusion Builder Page Conversion

Avada 5.0 includes the brand new Fusion Builder! The codebase was rebuilt from the ground up to ensure backwards compatibility, enhanced performance, ease of use, extendibility, modularity and the future. It is ridiculously fast, efficient and extremely fun to use.

The new Fusion Builder is a stand-alone plugin that is included with Avada. As mentioned, it has been built for the future and will eventually be released as it’s own product to be used with any theme! With this incredible new codebase, all previous pages built with the old Fusion Builder have to be converted over to the new Fusion Builder format.

Upon updating to Avada 5.0, you will be presented with a splash screen that explains the process and asks you to confirm conversion. We do not automatically convert the pages because we have also made sure that we use unique names for Avada elements to prevent conflicts with other 3rd party plugins.

What Does This Mean For You?

In order to achieve this, all element names that are related to Avada need to be converted to the new Fusion Builder syntax. To do so, Avada will search through your posts and pages and collect IDs of all pages using old Avada elements. Then it will create backups of those posts (to ensure all your data is fully secure) and convert the shortcode names to our new syntax. The process can take a little time, (or more time if you have a lot of pages and posts), so please be patient and DO NOT CLOSE THE SCREEN once you’ve triggered the conversion.

If you choose to not convert the shortcodes, you won’t be able to use Avada 5.0. You can simply revert to your previous theme version by deleting the contents of the new Avada folder and copying the old Avada theme folder to your server.

As always and with any software, we recommend doing a full database backup before proceeding with conversion. Once converted, you will be able to fully enjoy all that Avada 5.0 offers along with the amazing new Fusion Builder.

When Avada 5.0 releases, a full documentation post will be live in our support center. Simply go to the main support page and enter a few keywords in the search field to find it.


We take immense pride in providing free updates to our 824,611+ customer base. In addition, we make backwards compatibility one of the most important factors in every update. We have a beta testing group of over 200+ customers who have been helping us test all of this along the way, and we do everything in our power to make the process as smooth as it can be.

As always, our amazing team of experts are just a ticket away from helping answer any questions you have. We are always here to help you around the clock.

We are extremely excited about this update, it is a major step forward for Avada customers and our codebase. And it’s only the beginning, a full front end experience is coming to all Avada customers along with a plethora of new products and services. The future is bright and exciting!

We humbly thank you for making Avada the #1 selling theme of all time on Themeforest and for giving us an overall 5 star rating for the past 4 years. This is the highest praise we could receive from you. Your dedication, loyalty and business drives us each day and we will continue to pay it back through these amazing updates and top notch customer support.

We love you all, thank you!

ThemeFusion Team

Please note, the current version is Avada 7.8.1