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    Other useful settings

    I used DNS prefetch when necessary
    I used preload key request also
    I solved passive event listener problem with a code, found in a forum like this. I run that code as
    Here is the code

    (function() {
    var supportsPassive = eventListenerOptionsSupported();

    if (supportsPassive) {
    var addEvent = EventTarget.prototype.addEventListener;

    function overwriteAddEvent(superMethod) {
    var defaultOptions = {
    passive: true,
    capture: false

    EventTarget.prototype.addEventListener = function(type, listener, options) {
    var usesListenerOptions = typeof options === ‘object’;
    var useCapture = usesListenerOptions ? options.capture : options;

    options = usesListenerOptions ? options : {};
    options.passive = options.passive !== undefined ? options.passive : defaultOptions.passive;
    options.capture = useCapture !== undefined ? useCapture : defaultOptions.capture;, type, listener, options);

    function eventListenerOptionsSupported() {
    var supported = false;
    try {
    var opts = Object.defineProperty({}, ‘passive’, {
    get: function() {
    supported = true;
    window.addEventListener(“test”, null, opts);
    } catch (e) {}

    return supported;

    Unfortunately I don’t have the link to code writers original source
    I added this with the help of snippets plugin as js file

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    Now I have found the problem line
    It is tooltip. I removed 2 line related with tools tip, menu appeared again

    Here is the result
    Unused Javascript problem gone, It is solved.
    My pagespeed insight score increased from 60 to 75-80
    I have left 10 point to reach 90 now 🙂
    I have done alot of optimisation to get this result
    I removed all of the sliders, Optimised and decreased size of all images
    I used litespeed cache and cloudflare
    I removed google analytics and rocketloader which are decrease pagespeed score.
    Most of the Avada performence settings have advers effect, they decrease pagespeed score inadvertedly. This may be conflict with litespeed cache, I don’t now but very strange.
    After One month of work without coding I achieved 75-80 Pagespeed score on mobile. On desktop it is easy to get 95.
    So mobile is not good in Avada
    If I can do without coding knowledge, Avada programmers can easily get 90 pagespeed score

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    Hi Thanks for sharing this
    But when I try
    It disables menu
    I couldn’t find out which line of code disables Menu

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    I would like to give some more information
    In my website gzip enabled
    I don’t use unnecessary plugins, I have only litespeed cache plugin, yoast seo, PWA, Loginizer, and Fusion Builder and Fusion Core. Nothing else.
    I used cloudflare CDN it improved a little bit but not much. Than now I am using cdn it improved more than cloudflare.
    All of my image optimised, compressed well I also use webp. I use Lazy load etc.
    I noticed that Avada’s performance settings don’t work well with litespeed page optimisation. If I use both pagespeed score decreases. If I leave most of avada performance setting off and Litespeed page optimisation setting on than it is better. I dont ıuse child teheme. Everyhting updated including php
    Only problems left in pagespeed insight score are unused css and unused js

    I hope you focus performance in Avada 7, We dont need additional feature 🙂

    Thanks for your reply

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    I worked 2-3 hours and find out that footer.php of Avada theme has these lines.
    There was redirection to some adult websites
    Quttera plugin helped me to find out which file is more suspicious.
    Than I downloaded original avada theme end replaced footer php
    Than problem looks solved, I hope

    Thank you very much

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    Thank you for reply

    Yes that is the only codes showed up

    Here is the my web site.
    I appreciate if you check yourself


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