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    Hi Community,

    Recently it appears as though YouTube has changed their code in relation to video embeds on a website. Each video now always displays some YouTube branding, even after using codes such as “showinfo=0” to hide some branding and stuff. As well as this recent change I noticed, since the last 48 hours YouTube no longer works with Avada theme, as embedded videos on our website that well.

    Let me be specific. The element “recent posts” or “blog” – Neither of these work anymore to display a post that has a YouTube video as it’s feature.

    Here is an example of one of our video posts: https://www.sriavinash.org/satori-transmission-with-sri-avinash/

    And here is an example of a page with that video and more videos in a video library, using the “recent posts” element: https://www.sriavinash.org/teachings/watch/video-library/

    As you can see the video library page has turned all mumbo jumbo. It used to be a perfect grid, with 3 columns of videos and their titles displayed.

    Here is the code used within the blog post which creates the video as the feature: Youtube embed code:

    Any suggestions to fix this and get the recent posts or blog element working again would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks very much

    Warm wishes, Ananda

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    Hi @avinash108

    You have valid support and because our support team does not provide support via the community forum, please create a ticket using the link below and our team will gladly help

    Click Here To Get Avada Support

    We look forward to helping you!

    Thank you kindly

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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