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XML import issues

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  • drunkntigr

    Hi, I have read the FAQ, have tried everything.

    Have tried: Changing uploads permission to 777. Have unchecked the download images and attachments.

    I can upload the 2mb file fine, just after setting the user and pressing import I always get:

    Failed to import “”: Invalid post type Failed to import “”: Invalid post type Failed to import “”: Invalid post type Failed to import “”: Invalid post type etc etc

    I have requested PHP limit to be as alrge as possible, host set it as 32mb. In your FAQ it says 200mb, I haven’t seen anytheme that needs a 200mb limit.

    This only leaves the question of server upload limit.

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    Sorry 32mb will not suffice if our docs say 200mb 🙁

    Forum Moderator

    Hey There 🙂

    It should be able to be done with less than 200mb, I believe that is a preference to what we would prefer.

    Let me ask John this, he will certainly know.

    Also, please post up your WP and FTP login info, be sure to "set as private reply"


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    John Teague

    Hello – I have successfully imported the demo data and setup your menus. The issue you were having was not file upload size, but process watching controls your host has installed to prevent bulk processing on XML files as described here:

    Compressing the file into a tar.gz. file bypasses the process watcher and allows the importation to complete. Anyway, you are all set now.


    Great! Thanks guys!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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