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    Hi everybody. Just thought I’d check in to see if I need to update my thinking on auto-updates.

    Is it possibly to set Avada to auto-update and for it to succeed? Using auto_update_theme filter.

    I’m not being flippant here, I just know that it requires 2x Fusion plugins which must also be updated at the same time. If I set auto-update in WP for the theme I think it likely that the theme will be updated but then not the two plugins (because on manual update on rare days I have to wait 5-10 minutes before the updates appear for those plugins!) Basically I don’t think WP update can cope with this need for synchronised theme and plugin updates.
    Or has anything changed, has anybody had any success doing this?

    I realise this might be a bad thing to auto-update a theme but for several of my customers I have auto-update enabled for all their plugins, and WordPress on minor/security: the kind of small customers you lend a hand to but their site then just sits passive for year after year. Yes there is a risk that an update might make things go wrong (but I’d probably know that from other more actively managed ), but that is outweighed by the risk of being hacked if it is left un-updated for year after year.

    I’d appreciate your thoughts, thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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