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  • bgoosen
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    I build a page in Avada Live, I make a container, and then add a Vimeo element.
    Then I paste in my ID and click Autoplay – Yes, and save.

    Then when I exit to the front-end and look at this page, it does not Autoplay.

    Older posts suggest to make sure it is muted, but I don’t see a mute option.

    Also, slightly off-topic, it shows distracting color bars for a split-second before it shows the video poster with the play button. I wish it wouldn’t do that.

    Any advice?

    edit: I just checked and the YouTube Element has the same issue.

    Ammar. S
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    Hello @bgoosen

    You have a valid purchase code and should be able to open a ticket with us, we suggest you to please do that and our team will assist you further with this.

    Click Here to Get Avada Support



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    Will do, thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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