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    We are using a collection of standard posts to include twitter embeds on a page of our website. We use the standard twitter embed code (we also tried it with the automatic embedding) which includes an asynchronous loaded javascript file that adds some layout and, if existent, the images associated with the post.

    The problem is that after the asynchronous process of “restyling” the embedded posts the overall size of the elements change and the page size usually increased. But the scrolling does not adapt. So we usually end up with a nice grid of tweets that go off the lower end of the screen and you can not scroll to the end.

    Is there any way to tell the theme to wait for all asynchronous things to finish or maybe to re-calculate the height? Or even better, just automatically adapt to the actual height?

    Thanks a lot!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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