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    Does anyone know how to translate certain elements in the Checkout page of the Promotion demo? I tried using LocoTranslate but I can’t find the strings:
    – “Billing Address”
    – “Shipping Adress”
    – “Review & Payment”

    Michael C
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    For the first two, be sure to check both WooCommerce and Avada language files. Also pay close attention to the spelling and capitalization. For example, “Shipping address” and “Shipping Address” are separate strings. The one with a capital is an Avada string and the one without is a WooCommerce string.

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    Hi, On my checkout page I want to translate ‘Hello’ and ‘View cart’.
    Where can I translate this?


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    I have the same issue… :'(
    Anyone got more information how to fix this?


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    Hi !

    As I had the same problem, I try to make this change by myself directly into the php file and it’s working perfectly !
    I know it’s an old post but as there is no solution in the feed, maybe it could help someone…

    Here the solution to change the side bar on the checkout page for :
    – “Billing Address”
    – “Shipping Adress”
    – “Review & Payment”

    1. Connect to your FTP and go to wp-content\themes\Avada\template
    2. Find the file named “wc-before-checkout-form.php”
    3. Copy it on your computer (My advice is make imediatly a copy of the file and rename it “OK_wc-before-checkout-form.php”. In case of mistake uploading back the modified file you will have the original file ready.)

    4. Open it with an editor and :
    a) “Billing Adress” : Go to line n°17 and change the ‘Billing Adress’ words on the language you want.
    b) “Shipping Adress” : Go to line n°19
    c) “Review & Payment’ : Go to line n°26

    Be careful, only change the word between the quotation mark ‘ ….. ‘ and keep the quotation mark !

    5. Save the file and upload it back to your server.

    Same solution for “View cart” and “Hello” :
    1. Same place, find the file named “wc-top-user-container.php”
    2. “Hello” : go to line n°22 and line n°30
    3. “Sign out” : go to line n°25
    4. “View Cart” : go to line n°47
    5. upload it back to your server.

    I know that this is not the best solution, but at least it’s a solution… and for me it’s working!

    And sorry if my english is not perfect 😉


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