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    i am building a custom cart page for a website in Italian.
    When i add the “Woo Cart Table” element all the labels at the top (Product, Price, Quantity, ecc) are in english, and there seems to be no way of translating them.

    I already tried plugins like loco translate or translatepress, but it seems that the element does not call a string for the labels. Funny thing: if i use the standard cart page all the labels are correctly translated.

    How can i change them? Without this feature the layout builder is basically useless in a language that is not english.

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    Ciao ho avuto il tuo stesso problema, devi andare su loco translate, selezionare Avada Builder, creare la lingua italiana e modificare lì: prodotto, quantità ecc. Ma DEVI salvare su “system” perchè salvi su autore o custom avada non vede la traduzione. Spero di averti aiutato caro! Ti avrebbero dovuto rispondere quelli di avada… Ma vabbeh, magari non lo sanno manco loro.

    Hi, I had the same issue, You need to translate selecting Avada Builder in loco translate, create the Italian language and change: product, quantity, etc.
    But you MUST save to “system” because if you save to author or custom avada doesn’t see the translation. hope helped you!

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    i´m trying to translate with Poedit. Translating a few WooCommerce E-Mails worked like it should. But now I stuck on the same labels as the thread opener (Woo Cart Table Element).

    I translated the “fusion-builder.pot” file in wp-content/plugins/fusion-builder/languages and named the .mo and .po files exactly like it is described in the documentation: https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/translations/translating-avada-builder/

    Now I do have following files:
    – fusion-builder-de_DE.mo
    – fusion-builder-de_DE.po
    – fusion-builder.pot

    The language Code I´m using is “de_DE”, cache is cleaned.
    But the translation is not showing.

    Anybody facing the same problem?

    Love to hear from you.



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    Just in case someone has the exakt same problem in the future: The Avada Support solved it for me.

    Turns out, that the .po and .mo files need to be placed in the /wp-content/languages/plugins folder, even though the “fusion-builder.pot” file is placed in the wp-content/plugins/fusion-builder/ folder by default.

    Problem solved, thanks to the Avada support ✌🏼

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    Thank you @Sterling07 you are a life saver ! Placing .po and .mo files in the /wp-content/languages/plugins worked for me !
    Have a great day legend !

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    Awesome!!! Moving translation files in the system folder did the trick!!!

    Grazie! 😉

    Ammar. S
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    Hello Everyone

    We have a very detailed document that states where each of the translation file is supposed to go, please read it out here => https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/translations/storing-translation-files/

    The Plugin files for Avada Core + Avada Builder goes inside wp-content / languages / plugins
    The theme files for Avada goes inside wp-content / languages / themes

    That is it.



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