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    I recently reached out to the theme fusion support team meaning I summited a ticket due to the large visibility on the mobile view(everything is too big and it just stacked on top of each other but fits perfectly on desktop)and also not being able to add or edit site title even though its entered on my wp-admin.So after I believe 3-4 days which is neither of mine or their fault but they requested that I give them my wp-admin (username and password) but I installed the plugin “temporary login without password” which gives them access only to certain things I allow but yet they still believe that it is not even for them to find and resolve the issues but the whole point of the plugin allows the editor or whoever I allow to do their job. So my question is should I give them my wp-admin(username and password) or try to resolve it myself?

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    I would create them an account that has full access. If they would not behave professionally, word would get around and no one would buy their theme anymore.

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    ThemeFusion team has been fixing user issues via the backend login ever since our early releases of Avada. You have understand that a theme is never in an isolated environment. Everything in WP such as plugins, custom code, system status, WP version, widgets, menus etc is part of the site and it can be equally responsible for causing an issue. So in most cases a limited login does not help.

    If you have any apprehensions about giving out your login, then you clone your site to a staging site and give out that login. Also there are many plugins that monitor changes in any files done and even some hosts have that options too
    The ThemeFusion team makes use of helpscout to manage their emails. All Help Scout web application communications are PCI compliant and support TLS v1.2, and cannot be viewed by a third party. They enforce the same level of encryption used by banks and financial institutions.

    Note that the Avada community forum is primarily for a user to user interaction.

    If you would like hands-on assistance here, please register for support and create a support ticket as explained here → https://theme-fusion.com/avada-doc/getting-started/avada-theme-support

    Thank you!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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