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    I have a website called https://www.fotograafpatrick.nl
    At the bottom of the homepage there is a container with 6 columns, all 6 columns are filled with a single subject word and a single image. The problem lies in the 1st of these 6 columns.

    The problem is only visible on mobile/smartphone:
    The text of the first column is always showing vertically instead of horizontally, like the other 5 columns. Even if I delete the 1st column and copy one of the other 5 columns and edit the text and image, the text of the 1st column will always look strange.

    I cannot figure out why the text and shape of the first column is changing shape and looking strange comparing to the other 5 columns. I wish some wordpress wizard in here could help me out 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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