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    I hoped to promote individual project pages on a website using a Portfolio grid layout (with each teaser displaying title, image and short text. I wanted to link from each individual teaser box (title, image, text) in the grid to permanent web pages, rather than to portfolio items. Am I right that this can’t be done, or is there a way?

    Is there another easy way to build teaser boxes (and reorder them in the display easily)? Avada has content boxes and flip boxes (which feature little icons), which allow linking to a web page, but don’t appear to have the same graphic flexibility the portfolio feature. I’d appreciate any advice as I’m new and might be missing something. If there isn’t a flexible tool for this, is there a good compatible plug in I could buy to easily build teaser content boxes that provide graphic flexibility and can point to web pages? Thanks!

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    Hi @fbc-floodwise

    You have active support, and our support team does not provide support via the community forum. If you need assistance, please create a support ticket using the link below, and our support team will gladly assist you.

    Click Here To Get Avada Support

    Thank you kindly

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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