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  • PlymouthMHN
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    Hi all,

    Each of my pages have Fusion slider, and each of them loads the last few pixels very slowly – it shows white space at the end of each slider, and won’t load it until you switch to new page in browser and then switch back. Then it prompts it to load but only then. I’m curious as to why they are all suddenly doing this.

    I have experimented by loading different sliders (that came with Avada) with mixed results – some work, some don’t. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason.

    Site here: http://www.plymouthmhn.org


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    Hi Chris,

    Do you already have an solutions for the slow fusion slider? I have the same problems.



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    I am finding I am having the same problem, the sliders are loading extremely slow.

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    You have active theme support and our support team does not provide support via the community forum. If you need assistance please create a support ticket using the link below and our support team will gladly assist you.

    Click Here To Get Avada Support

    We look forward to helping you!

    Thank you kindly

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    same problem, slow loading sliders. so far support has no solutions for this.

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    This isn’t a support related problem, its a theme design problem, one that should be fixed with an updated release or settings. I shouldn’t be required to involve support when the default settings for a built in theme component inherently run slow, causing users to need to reach out to ask for assistance!

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    Hi @bryeds78

    Not sure I am understanding what you are trying to say, but, if you need contact support for guidance or assistance, that is why our support team exists. You have Grandfathered Avada support for life as explained here -> https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/getting-started/grandfathered-support/

    You must realize that the “my site is slow” is a very broad and wide-sweeping generalization and the factors beyond the theme itself that can and will affect any website’s performance are extensive.

    Built into Avada are an array of options that allow you to disable as many features, scripts, and Elements etc if you do not want to use them.

    In terms of performance, we continuously and constantly stress test Avada on the very lowest shared hosting plans from the likes of GoDaddy, 1and1 etc all the way through to VPN’s and custom server configurations to ensure it performs as expected on various types of hosting environments. To simply install a theme and plugins and expect the site to (no matter the theme or plugins you choose to use) simply be optimized perfectly on its own accord without decision making and utilizing the tools at hand, is not going to help.

    There are a very many factors that influence performance, ranging from the number of plugins, to the server not having Gzip enabled, image optimization, incorrectly configured cache plugins, no cache plugins, too many cache plugins, incorrect use of a CDN, keeping the theme and plugins updated, missing images in child themes that you add as a customization and the list goes on. All of the tools that you need are available for you to be able to enhance and manage your sites overall performance, however, anyone building a site needs to make wise decisions as to what and how you decide to add to your install.

    We provide numerous help files for guidance on the topic of optimization and performance, to help you the user achieve your best results (here are a few):

    Is your site running slow? -> http://bit.ly/1H11sFD

    How to speed up your site using plugins -> http://bit.ly/2ift9Ym

    Avada speed & performance -> http://bit.ly/2fFKUvw

    The Avada CSS & JS compiler -> http://bit.ly/292wUxN

    Site optimization -> http://bit.ly/1R3JGXU

    Thank you kindly

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    We are not talking about the theme being slow in a generic way here; the problem is “slow loading Fusion Sliders“.
    I have the same problem too: I use a Fusion Slider in almost all of my pages as a “page cover” and it loads very slow; they also blocks the rendering of other elements in the page, like Image Carousel and Image Slider. In facts, they does not shows images nor begin their autoplay until Fusion Slider image load.

    User “bryeds78” is right:

    This isn’t a support related problem, its a theme design problem, one that should be fixed with an updated release

    Maybe we are reporting a theme bug and hearing you always reply that since we don’t have active support you can’t answer is very frustrating. I find the Envato’s policy about technical support somewhat unfair.


    Michael C
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    We are not talking about the theme being slow in a generic way here; the problem is “slow loading Fusion Sliders“.

    The problem is that this is not the case. This is also why Michael has replied the way he has and also why this is not a “theme design problem” or something that can be “fixed with an updated release”.

    It may seem that the sliders in particular are slow to load, but that is not necessarily what is actually happening behind the scenes. The reason why the sliders appear to load late is because in order for the JS calculation to run correctly the slider has to wait for the rest of the page to load. So if you have anything which is delaying the overall page load, then it will delay the slider as well. So the way to speed up the slider loading is to speed up the rest of the page load. For some tips on that you can check my response in a similar thread here https://theme-fusion.com/forums/topic/fusion-slider-loads-with-spinning-circle/#_post-590892

    That is also why this is a case by case issue and not something generic. What is slowing the slider down for one person will not be the same as what is occurring for somebody else.

    Also for this:

    I find the Envato’s policy about technical support somewhat unfair.

    Please note, we are not Envato. The support policy comes from them and not us. For any of our customers who purchased before Envato changed the rules, we provide grandfathered support. Details – https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/getting-started/grandfathered-support/

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