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    Hello I am SEO & Web Designer.
    I have buysed by myself several copy of Avada and make buy it to several own customers.
    The last versions of AVADA create several problems to thesse sites (ande these are a lot).
    For example on my OWN SITE I cannot modify the MAIN MENU style.
    When I cklick on the AVADA OPTION, it sent me in pages that are Empty and so I cannot edit the button design (because layout pages are empty).

    For my customer site i Cannot modify the MOBILE design (same problem as mine).

    I think it’s UNCORRECT to ask a support payment for every site I’ve purcased (or make purchase by my customer), for problems create to AVADA UPDATES.

    I think that who had buyed (make buy) so many license have the right to have support for problems about AVADA UPDATE.

    Thanks for your reply.

    My best Regards, Antonello.

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    Another problem I’ve found is some site do not upgrade to the new avada version.
    My site is 7.7.1 (the last one on other sites is 7.8).

    The site is registered, obviously. But I cannot update it in any way.

    I think support to problem like these have to be free.

    When I try to modify the site menù from AVADA OPTIONS it give me these message:

    “IMPORTANT NOTE: The options on this tab are not available because a global Header override is currently used. To edit your global layout please visit this page.”

    When I click on the page it’s EMPTY and I cannot modify simple things like the main menù

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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