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    https://www.visioline.ee/e-pood/ – the big problem is that when using search box on top of categories the search result page isn’t working – it seems like search result page doesn’t listen “search terms”. Could some please help? I have searched for solution for days.

    For example: try to search “dell” – the search result page gives you like you have had searched “” (empty string).

    I think there should be some code to accept requests? When I built a new layout for search – there wasn’t any component called “Request Parameter” in page title bar. Could anyone assist please? Maybe I can but some code or someone can send the right text content in order to get right title bar with request parameter.

    If i switch to ordinary search page – its working but I need to get this page working.


    The example below is the Custom Page Title Bar Section created for the Search Results Layout in the Podcasts demo. The container itself has a background color, and in the container there are several elements. At the top is a Title with dynamic content – in this case it is a Request Parameter, which displays what you have searched for. This is followed by the Search Element below. For more information on how this specific Page Title Bar was constructed, please watch the video at the top of the page.

    Ammar. S
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    Hello @raulorav

    You have a valid support and should be able to open a support ticket, we strongly suggest you to please do that so we can assist you precisely further in this regard.

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    Hi Ammar

    Thank you. Submitted a ticket.


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    my web’s search function does not work, either. I checked the backend. There should not be any wrong. What happened?

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    We had the same issue when we applied a new Layout/Section to the woo products. When it was turned off the search started working fine.
    We are thinking it’s a bug that needs to be fixed with an update.

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    Yep, same. Since the last plugin update, the search widget no longer works. Really hope they fix it in the next update….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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