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    After updating to Avada 6.2.2, the “Recent Works” grid in the portfolio sidebar changed looks, rather than having square thumbnails for the individual portfolio posts, I have now a grid of circles. See http://www.jospyckerelle.com. My other websites,all within the same account with the same host, on the previous Avada version, display still square thumbnails.

    I could not identify any option to change back from round to square thumbnails. When opening the Chrome Web Inspector, I found a reference to .fusion-avatar-circle.attachment-recent-works-thumbnail, border radius 50%, but I cannot figure out how or where to change this.
    Any idea?

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    All right. After a frustrating 7 months of personal( and fruitless) searching, Muhammad Hassan from Avada Support provided me with the definite answer/solution:
    go to Dashboard -> Avada -> Options -> Extras -> Miscellaneous section and change the Avatar Shape to Square.
    In the WP admin area, the explanation included was ” Avatar Shape
    ” Set the shape for Avatars used in comments, author info and other areas.”
    So, the recent works widget was one of these other areas.

    Finally, I can get some sleep

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    Thank you Jo, for your commitment to the cause. It helped me get sleep too

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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