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    So, I am using the Resume template to make a website, and I want to use the portfolio. I have created a secondary menu according to instructions here, and assigned it to the portfolio-pages. This works fine in regards of being able to navigate back en forth.

    However, none of the menu items is highlighted, which makes sense since none of the anchors is found on the single portfolio post page. I would like the ‘portfolio’ menu item to be highlighted when visiting any of the portfolio single pages. I thought I might get away with just assigning an anchor link to an element to trick the menu into thinking it was currently visible. I suppose this does not work because the link in the anchor is referring to a absolute link (including anchor) which is not visible.

    Is there anybody that has a workaround or solution? (In short: begin able to have the portfolio menu highlighted when visiting a single post portfolio page.)

    Ammar. S
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    Hello @jojk

    This will only happen if the portfolio item is actually a child item of that main portfolio page inside the menu, other than that I am afraid you will have to use custom JS in this case.



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    Hi Ammar,

    Thank you for the swift response. So to be sure: If I were to link directly from the menu to the portfolio (as a whole) the menu item would be highlighted when visiting a single portfolio page?

    Would there also be a possible solution in which I just hardcode the menu item to be the highlighted color (orange in my case), since it is just a menu I specifically use for portfolio-related stuff?

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    For future reference: I have found a (really dirty) solution to my issue. I have created a custom css for the specific menu item that I want highlighted hardcoded if I use the secondary menu. It looks like this:

    #menu-item-3026 a,
    #menu-item-3026 .fusion-megamenu-icon {
    color: var(–awb-color4) !important;

    Please let me know whether there are more elegant solutions…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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