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    Sorry for the repetition, but no one has replied and I would really appreciate help with a very basic problem…

    I need to create a new blog post, but my Avada dashboard menu/view shows only “Categories” and “Tags” under “Posts.” Neither “All Posts” nor “Add New” appear as options under “Posts,” which is very odd. The “All Posts” and “Add New” menu options have disappeared, preventing me from creating new blog posts.

    I also noticed that “Pages” is missing from the left menu bar in Avada dashboard view. This prevents me from creating new pages on my website.

    I last created a new post for my blog on May 4th, so whatever caused these weird problems must have happened since then. Can anyone tell me why these menu options to create new posts and create new pages have disappeared from Avada?

    Thank you in advance for any information or speculations about these Avada menu changes!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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