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    My site has been live for 10 months but does not appear to be getting theme updates. In the registration section it says “The purchase code is already being used on another domain.” So the site in unregistered. I have created a Theme Fusion account and added the purchase code. The site is LIVE so I don’t think I can unregister it without further issues. I have only used the purchase code on this one site, one time and no staging site. How can I get this theme registered?

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    Go to “My Account” in the theme-fusion website. It should list your license and where is it being used. Double-check that it is not registered somewhere else. If it is not registered anywhere else
    you should retry registering it from the live site. If there is an issue then unregister the
    license in the theme-fusion website and then register it on your live site.

    I had the same issues and followed the steps above. On success, use refresh and it should list your
    live site in the readonly area.

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    ajeshd, thank you so much for responding. This worked! I greatly appreciate you taking the time to help!

    Ammar. S
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    Hello @ajeshd

    Thanks for helping a fellow community member, for more info on how the licensing works please read our FAQ section here => https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/support/avada-registration-and-licensing-faq/



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