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    Hi there,

    We just added the widget “Video” to our sidebar. Unfortunately — with Privacy Consent activated — the video still loads and plays without the consent agreement button appearing first.

    Privacy Consent Activated: http://prntscr.com/oxbvf4
    “Video” Widget Added to Sidebar: http://prntscr.com/oxbx9d
    Video Loads without Consent Button Displaying First: http://prntscr.com/oxbz1n

    If validated, kindly update Avada at your earliest opportunity to fix the above and ensure compliance with GDPR.

    Anybody else experiencing this issue?


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    Hello @Jetxpert-Envato,

    Avada, nor it’s plugins, violate GDPR law in any way. What it does is that it provides tools necessary for user to make their site GDPR compliant, but ultimately it’s up to a user to make sure that content used on their site is aligned with GDPR.

    When privacy options are set, like in your screenshot, Avada will filter page content and replace it with “Privacy Consent” placeholder when ever that is possible. In your particular case, as far I can see, YouTube video is added using WP’s video widget. Privacy consent isn’t displayed since generated embed code is not in standard format and that’s why initial placeholder replacement doesn’t happen. Furthermore, after page is loaded embed code is replaced, using JavaScript, in order for player which visitor sees to be displayed so that is another specificality which needs handled.

    For upcoming releases we’ll look into adjusting content filtering so that spacial case is handled as well, but until then you can use [embed] or [fusion_youtube] shortcode inside text widget in order for Privacy consent to be displayed.


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    Hi @filipilic,

    You’re a genius! Run with that 🙂 It worked. Thank you. (click here)

    The text size of the Privacy Consent inserted into the widget was too large at first, but we took care of that as well.

    Looking forward to Avada’s (Theme-Fusion’s) updated content filtering for this widget and others affected by GDPR.

    Again, thank you!

    To assist others in this forum, this is exactly what we did:

    (1) Add the “Text” widget to our Sidebar. (click here)

    (2) Read Avada’s instructions for the YouTube shortcode. (click here)

    (3) Add the proper shortcode into the “Text” widget. (click here) Please notice the shortcode – in our case – includes a Class ID which will be used in the next step to change the Privacy Consent text size.

    (4) Add custom CSS (Class ID) to Avada > Theme Options > Custom CSS (click here)

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    – Correction to Steps (3) and (4) above: Replace “Class ID” with “Class”

    – Also we had to shorten the Privacy Consent text further so it could display properly when viewed with mobile devices. Below is the filter (i.e., snippet) we used which was obtained here. Result: (click here)

     * Change embed text on placeholder
     * @param   string $content Exist content.
     * @param   string $label   Label text of particular embed type.
     * @param   string $type    Type slug of embed type.
     * @return  string
    function my_embed_text( $content, $label, $type ) {
    	if ( 'youtube' === $type ) {
    		return 'To view this video, you must accept third party embeds from ' . $label . '.</br>';
    	return $content;
    add_filter( 'avada_embeds_consent_text', 'my_embed_text', 20, 3 );
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    Hey! I added my Video with [fusion_youtube id="VIDEOID" autoplay="no"] but it still just starts to play, even if i dismiss the Youtube-Checkbox in die Privacy-Bar. Do you have a tip for me? Thank you!

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    Use the following code: (adjust it to suit your needs)

    [fusion_youtube id="VIDEO_ID" autoplay="0" alignment="center" max-height="400" max-width="300" controls="1" class="YOUR_CLASS_NAME"]

    For an explanation of the above codes, refer to both Avada’s YouTube documentation and Google’s YouTube documentation.


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