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    Good Day!

    We have managed to get our website to load very fast (from our end, at least). As a result, we have noticed Avada’s Privacy Bar does not load as fast as our “above the fold” website images.

    Yes, we have Critical CSS applied to our website and several other “speed enhancing” techniques, but the Privacy Bar is still not loading (i.e., preloading) as expected.

    So, does anyone in this forum know how to get the Privacy Bar to load faster? (i.e., preload it via jQuery or some other snippet).

    The JS file affected is: /wp-content/themes/Avada/assets/min/js/general/avada-privacy.js

    Thank you!

    Post count: 339


    We contacted Avada support on this. See below for their reply. Reply accepted.

    Issue closed.



    Q1: Is their a method or code snippet we can use to accelerate the loading time of Avada’s Privacy Bar?

    A1: We do not have a built in option to modify the loading behavior there I’m afraid – it’ll require code customization to behave differently which is not covered in our scope of support.

    Q2: Can we accelerate the loading time of Avada’s Privacy Bar using Avada’s Critical CSS tool?

    A2: Critical CSS will help reduce the loading time but not fully eliminate it. In this case, those elements appear in pretty much the first 1/3rd second of loading which is super fast as seen here: [video link redacted]

    The files are still downloaded from a remote server so entirely removing the loading time will not be possible.

    Also, a lot of elements rely on JS on some level and that will introduce a bit of delay as then the elements will also take a moment to ensure are required resources are loaded before the JS can execute.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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