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    I imported the Author prebuilt website. Some pages came in with both “Classic Editor” and “Block Editor” versions (after the page name). That confuses me. I’m not adept enough to understand the difference.
    I’m experienced using Avada for a few years now (created https://championsforhumanity.org and https://silver100.com from Avada prebuilt websites) but not with Block Editor. I assume I’ve been using Classic until now?
    I did some hunting around online and I see conflicting things. Some say Block editor is the future and it’s best to go to it now. Others say it’s not perfected yet. Some say it’s not easy to change from one to the other once you’re developing a page and others say it is easy to change.
    What has me further confused is that when I import a prebuilt site the first thing I like to do is Duplicate all pages and rename the original or duplicate with ORIG after the name and make it Draft so I can always refer back to that as I like. But now the ones that came in as Block editor seem to create duplicates as Classic editor (and automatically as Draft?).
    I’m stuck and not comfortable moving ahead to build pages until I understand what’s going on better. I have a business that’s about to see pretty fast, substantial growth and I don’t want to find out in a little while that I created issues for a developer to expand the site.
    Thanks so much!

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    I did a bunch of reading and what I went with that’s working for me is this (has everything looking and working like I’m used to):
    Appearance > Writing and set Classic Editor to:
    – always use Classic
    – not give users the choice of Classic vs Block

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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