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    I’m trying to create a page that has a grid of post cards to showcase a variety of available solutions, but I’m finding the implementation of Post Cards to be confusing. I’ve watched the tutorial, and frankly, the screen captures don’t align with my Avada experience… which is v7.7.1.

    My objective is to have three columns of Post Cards. The number of rows depends on the number of solutions. There will be an image, title and description of the solution. That’s it.

    I installed a Custom Post Type plugin to store the above information. My understanding is that I then need to create Template in the Avada Library. The tutorial shows a user has access the many pre-build Post Card templates. However, my Avada theme only has 12 options.

    How do I create grid page of Post Cards based on a database of Custom Post Types. My thinking was that I would be able create a single Post Card Template, which then just displays all the CPT records automatically on the page.

    Any insights? I’m not a coder, so need to use plugins and available tools within the theme.

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    Standard content such as title, content/excerpt and featured image can be pulled into the Avada post card element using standard element like text/title element or image/post card image element
    All the elements in the post card documentation(and video) are still present and in use with the Avada Website builder.
    The Post card template library is for a prebuilt post cards and you would need to create your own post card (if needed) in your Avada library

    I do see you have valid support. It would help if you can reach support as they can easily check the source of your issue

    Note that the Avada community forum is primarily for a user to user interaction.

    If you would like hands-on assistance here, please register for support and create a support ticket as explained here → https://theme-fusion.com/avada-doc/getting-started/avada-theme-support

    Thank you!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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