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  • bonbon
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    Hi. I updated to V7.8 and every since my page titlebar has been messed up. The image I use is disappearing and the Font is huge and the wrong colour plus the breadcrumbs are also in the wrong area and wrong font.

    When I clear cache cookies it looks correct, however if I visit the site again, the titlebars are incorrect again across the site.

    Tried changing the settings again, but not working.

    Is this a known 7.8 issue?

    Ammar. S
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    Hello @Bonbon

    This is not a known issue in our 7.8 update, this could be a result of your site or hosting caching, please make sure that if you are using critical CSS (that you have regenerated it) also please try and make sure that your cache is cleared from plugins as well as browsers

    Cache is great because it stores your theme files which helps speed up viewing. At the same time, this can lead to issues since it allows the browser to use old data. Thankfully there is an easy solution to this.

    Please clear out any cache you are using and check to see if the issue is fixed. For information on how to clear bowser, plugin and server cache, please see this post => https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/installation-maintenance/general-cache-information/



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    I have the same problem and I think I know what the problem is.

    Bug example: https://studibucht.de/blog/wie-schreibe-ich-eine-seminararbeit/
    In use: Page Title Bar Layout, the background image of PTB’s container is pulled dynamically from the blog post feature image.
    If you look into the code related to the background image for the page title bar, you can see the broken URL of the background image (no slashes): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A62BbxpMHu3fGrQFA-OwlOngfPUmfUHe/view

    Similar problem with H1 on this page. The Title element of the layout is pulled dynamically from the blog post title. The (white) font color specified in the Title element settings in the layout does not apply.

    I’m sure these two serious problems deserve a separate patch.

    P.S. Quick fix: setting the Fading Animation parameter for the background image to On and adding a CSS color rule for H1.

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    Hi @simaem

    Can you please comment on my previous comment? Is the mentioned problem with missing slashes and the color of the H1 tag an Avada bug after upgrading to version 7.8?

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