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    Since upgrading to Avada 7 I’ve had constant issues with my site

    My entire page is now disappeared last night as I was making my edits – at first I would save and my settings – header, fonts, colors, footers and some of the content would change and I have to redo my work

    I have gone back and forth with tech support and have no resolution and was told to just keep doing my work again – NOW as of last night, my entire content is done – the page is showing up in the settings but not on the site – the homepage is linked correctly so I don’t know what’s happening

    I have sent in another support ticket and hoping and praying this gets fixed.

    Right now my homepage has these static boxes that I can’t remove or find stating:

    “To get started, add a Container, or add a pre-built page.
    The building process always starts with a container, then columns, then elements.
    Add Container Pre-Built Page
    Watch Our Get Started Video
    Do you need a helping hand? Let us guide you.

    Watch The Video
    Avada Builder Docs
    Videos not for you? That’s ok! We have you covered.

    Avada Builder Docs”

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    I’m having the same issue. I imported a demo site, made a bunch of changes to add my own content. I made a change using the Avada live editor to one of the layout blocks, and poof, all of my content is gone on the site, but not in the back end. I opened a support ticket.

    this is a new site so at least it is not live with traffic, however, I refuse to update all my other client’s sites to v7 until I feel confident that their sites aren’t going to disappear.

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    We have encountered the exact same problem. For a client who has a webshop with WooCommerce, we updated to Avada v7.x, but a few hours later, the complete website was gone? We had to downgrade to a previous update to make sure everything worked again. Until there is a solution I will not update either.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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