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  • foulmouthedleon
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    Want to do this, but the documentation provided doesn’t seem to help me. In the “Click here to see a working example of the One Page Text Link” on Theme Fusion – the link goes to a Modal popup instead:

    Can someone provide me with a simple (yet functional) HTML or shortcode example so I can just copy and paste as I’m having no luck with the Fusion Elements generator.

    Let’s assume that the link I want to go to is thebottom.

    In normal HTML it’d be:
    Go to the bottom


    Can someone convert that to “Fusion code” for me with any/all associated classes?

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    No dice, eh? Well I suppose it was worth a try.

    Michael C
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    There are two parts to the overall effect. You need the link to click and then you have the destination which needs an ID which matches the link.

    For the link it would be (notice the hash symbol for ID):
    [fusion_one_page_text_link link="#footer"]Go to the bottom[/fusion_one_page_text_link]

    Or you can use regular HTML but add the class – fusion-one-page-text-link
    <a class="fusion-one-page-text-link" href="#footer">Go to the bottom</a>

    Note, in the above examples I use footer ID which already exists. For custom destinations you either need to add an ID or add a menu anchor element with a name set.

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    Took some tweaking, but I did get it to work. Thank you!

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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