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  • Lightning_Lister
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    Having issues with Avada 5.7 with mobile, I see others have issues as well, downgrading seems to do the trick since removing custom css and cache does not fix the issue.

    I purchased on Themeforest, I can only download 5.7 that is currently active.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Michael C
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    Hi, as mentioned in the other thread we do not recommend downgrading the theme. If you have problems with responsive behaviour please instead post some information so that people may assist. Also note, we do not have any confirmed bugs with responsive behaviour with 5.7. If we did, we would release a patch or an update and if it requires investigation then we cannot do that if the install is downgraded.

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    I see many people are having this same issue, that is why other threads are getting locked. I followed instructions to the letter that you posted, and nothing helps.

    – Clear browser cache
    – Clear Fusion Cache (Theme Options > Advanced – Dynamic CSS/JS)
    – Clear any minification or cache plugins you have running and also try with minification disabled. Also – – clear any cache such as from CloudFlare (if you have running)
    – Check any custom CSS you have. You can export your theme options or save your CSS to a text file and then test with it removed. In 5.6 the priority of the CSS was changed to boost performance. That means if you have invalid syntax in your custom CSS then it will prevent the responsive CSS from loading properly.
    – If you are running a child theme, test with the parent theme
    – Test with any other plugins disabled.

    I guess I will see if I can find 5.6 within our downloads somewhere. Thanks for the help, urgent issue that needs fixing and downgrading is quickest fix for now. Sorry don’t have days or weeks for a patch to be released. Appropriate your help though 🙂

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    Hi @lightning_lister

    As it has been explained very clearly, downgrading is not advised and many people are not having the same issue. Likewise, Michael C specifically said “please instead post some information so that people may assist”

    You are not posting any information here other than saying, “having issues”. We cannot help you without concrete information. I have reached out to you so that we can assist, please check your email inbox for our reply.

    Thank you kindly

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    mine seems to be stuck in mobile width….help!!!!

    Ammar. S
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    Hello @Kristofer129

    Please make sure you are on latest version of theme that is 6.2.1 and all the patches are applied as well, if however the issue persists please open a support ticket and our team will gladly check this out for you right away.



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