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    Dear Community,

    I made a nice Website with Avada theme. Unfortunately the loading time is very bad. I get a rating from 10-30 at


    for we-con.eu

    I tried many speed optimizer plug ins (fastest cache, W3TO, Autooptimize) nothing helps. I spend a lot of time in to it but nothing helps.

    Can somebody give me a hint? Is it possible that just my webserver is slow?

    Thank you so much..

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    I’d start with this guide if you haven’t read it yet. But, I think your biggest culprit is compression (keep reading).


    Pay attention to some of the comments. Especially about locally hosting Google Fonts. I found (like others) hosting Google Fonts locally added more time to my page load.

    Also, try to avoid plugins as much as possible. E.g. use your hosting provider’s cache system (e.g., SiteGround’s Super Cacher) over installing any third-party cache software. If your host doesn’t provide their own built-in solution, you should probably consider switching to a host that does.

    I ran your site through GTmetrix. I think the biggest performance issue for your site is it doesn’t seem to use any compression and take advantage of browser cache. Again, a good hosting provider cache system will offer these things.

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    Hi lassejrr,

    Great website! It loads fast at our end. We’re located in Dallas, Texas.

    To speed up your website further, see below recommendations.

    Best wishes!



    (1) Website score is not as important as page loading time.

    (2) Best tool to check website performance: webpagetest.org (we avoid google and pingdom)

    (3) Best tool to check website setup: varvy.com

    (4) For speed, use the following plugins: SG Optimizer and WP Rocket (we’ve tried many others, these are the best)

    (5) You’re using Avada’s Fusion Slider. This particular “feature” or element will always slow down page loading time. The “spinning circle” is quite frustrating. If possible, replace the sliders with a single image containing a text overlay. We’re in the process of doing that with our website: omniaaerospace.com

    (6) Use a CDN. We use Cloudflare. Works great.

    (7) Get rid of your page animations. Pretty, but quite useless. As a minimum keep only essential ones.

    (8) Compress and re-upload your images. Use compressor.io, tinypng.com, and jpeg.io (yes, 3-step process – in that sequence), to compress and convert your images to a progressive format. Browsers like that!

    (9) Remove plugins that you absolutely don’t need – or – find a multi-purpose plugin that performs the function of several others.

    (10) Click here: These plugins will slow down your website.

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    @ lassejrr,

    Last recommendation … yes, servers play a key role in site loading speed as well. If on a shared plan, expect your site to be slower than one that’s hosted on a premium, non-shared plan.

    In our case, we switched from GoDaddy to SiteGround and, not only did our site loading speed increase dramatically, the support service we now receive is outstanding. By the way, this is not an advertisement 🙂

    Curious … who’s your host and what type of plan do you have?


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