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    Dear Avada Community,

    If you’re using Avada’s Fusion Slider (above the fold) to impress your visitors, stop using it!

    Instead, replace your Fusion Slider with a standard Avada container. Add your favorite background image (compressed) to the container, followed by your “special effects” using the features contained within the container and/or by adding your favorite design elements to the container.

    It took time and effort to make the change (we modified 12 pages), but well worth it. The feel and look of affected pages did not change. After making the changes, we ran Avada’s built-in Performance Wizard resulting in the automatic elimination of several Design Elements that we no longer needed (e.g., Avada Slider element). We also re-submitted our sitemap to both Google and Bing for recrawling.


    (1) Website Performance (Amazing Difference)

    Our website performance scores changed as follows: (average values given)

    Desktop: From 88-92 to 99-100
    Mobile: From 60-75 to 82-88

    Note: Performance scores per Google’s Lighthouse (PageSpeed Insights), GTMetrix, and Pingdom Tools

    (2) SEO Performance

    Three (3) days after making the change and submitting our sitemap to Google and Bing, the number of sitelinks displayed for our website increased from 0-2 to 4-8.

    Hope this helps someone out there who’s struggling to get their website performance up-to-speed 🙂


    Post count: 339


    Almost forgot! A sincere THANK YOU goes out to Ammar. S (@simaem) from Team ThemeFusion who provided a simple video teaching us how to make the changes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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