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    I am using the Avada child theme + LiteSpeed Caching plugin.

    In LiteSpeed Cache Page Optimization in CSS Settings I checked
    CSS Minify – OFF
    CSS Combine – ON
    Generate UCSS – ON
    UCSS Inline – OFF
    CSS Combine External and Inline – ON
    Load CSS Asynchronously – OFF

    After that, appearing mobile menu issue, showing the only list of menu items, it’s not hidden, and with no click, no icon.

    I added to [7]Tuning > CSS Excludes:

    The Google PageSpeed now for mobile is extremely good, over 90%, but have issue with mobile menu.

    Now show the icon with box, but when click noting happened. What is the problem? Any help? Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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