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    Well, the update appeared to be working well.

    1. I updated a few products (we are using the current version of Woocommerce) and I noticed the cart wasn’t working – products were being put into the cart but the cart was not properly displaying them.

    2. I deactivated Woocommerce and immediately got the WordPress white screen of death.

    3. I renamed the Woocommerce folder to Woocommerce.old

    4. I could get back into the admin panel but got a banner that said I needed to install plugins for Avada. One of which, of course, is the core.

    5. It won’t install. I am getting permissions not sufficient. I have reset all the permissions and still it won’t install.

    6. I copied the fusion-core folder from another site – the previous version – the site still won’t come up and I still get an error that the Core is not installed…..

    Short of paying another $42 for support when I didn’t break this, anyone have an idea as to how to fix this?

    Ammar. S
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    Hello There

    As far as I read nothing was changed after update unless the products were updated, we have no issues with our theme version 6.2.3 running latest WooCommerce at all so this is something that needs to be checked but I am going to provide you with some tips you can start from.

    1. Create a backup of your site.
    2. Remove Avada + Fusion Core + Fusion Builder
    3. Install fresh copy of Avada 6.2.3 and then you can download the latest versions of plugins if they can not be installed from plugins screen here => https://theme-fusion.com/support/account/ (Please go to Avada Plugins Tab)
    4. Reinstall WooCommerce completely.
    5. Make sure your WP MEMORY LIMIT is enough, try to increase it.
    6. Disable all your 3rd party plugins once and only activate Avada + FC + FB + WooCommerce.



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    Thank you.

    Ultimately, I found the problem. Apparently, when Avada updated, for reasons that make no sense to me, the plugins folder was renamed, or the name was changed, to plugins_. I deleted the “_” and then Fusion Core installed flawlessly. After that, it was a matter of re-activating all the plugins.

    I appreciate your getting back to me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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