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    In the text editor, hitting enter creates a blank line. The same thing happens when posting into the text editor. I have a lot of single lines that appear something like the following below. The result is very ugly blocks of text that are not enjoyable for the reader. I think it has to do with the paragraph CSS style. Does anyone know of a way to solve this? Either by changing paragraph CSS or creating a new CSS class? Thanks.

    Where did you go?

    I went home.

    Why did you go there?

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    use shift + enter

    single enter moves to new paragraph, shit/enter moves to new line.

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    Thanks. What about if you are pasting content?

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    This is still a problem. Shift + enter doesn’t work to eliminate line breaks added in the “text” tab of the wysiwyg editor in fusion builder. Avada is adding line breaks were it should leave the input untouched. “text” should allow html code input and if you are pasting html it is going to add a <br> for every line of your code.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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