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    I have a gallery of images. When I click on one, the lightbox opens. There are no navigation arrows to move from one image to the next. There is an x to close the lightbox and a full screen icon. If I click anywhere on the screen, the lightbox closes and goes back to the gallery. My understanding is that the lightbox is supposed to allow you to scroll through a gallery, one image at a time, using the navigation arrows. It doesn’t even work if I turn on slideshow. Any ideas on how to get the lightbox to work?

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    I would request you to please perform some basic diagnostics
    1) Can I please request you to disable all third party plugins except Fusion builder and Fusion core and check if the issue still persists
    2) Please disable any child theme and switch to the parent theme to check if the issue is resolved
    3) Ensure that you have no system values showing in red. You can check this by going to WordPress admin panel dashboard > Avada > System status. Please do ask your host to adjust any values that you see in red
    4) I would request you to please clear the cache from Theme options, by going to WordPress admin panel dashboard > Avada > Theme options > Advanced > Dynamic CSS and JS and click on “Reset fusion caches”, Screenshot here. Please clear all server and browser cache post this and re-check the front end of your site in an incognito window
    5) Finally, please do ensure that you have all theme and bundled plugins updated to the latest version

    Note that the Avada community forum is primarily for a user to user interaction.

    If you would like hands-on assistance here, please register for support and create a support ticket as explained here → https://theme-fusion.com/avada-doc/getting-started/avada-theme-support

    Thank you!


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    Thank you, I will try all those things.

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