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    Hi guys,

    I created a custom layout. It’s a header layout that is supposed to stick above the any single post or the blog archives, categories pages etc. Basically, whenever you are on my any pages, you won’t see the custom header layout. But whenever you are on the blog, single post, blog categories, blog archives, etc. you are supposed to see the custom header layout.

    So. The custom layout appears everywhere I want to, except the blog page. My blog page is basically : mywebsite.com/blog. The page is called “blog” in my wordpress page creations. I have created my layout in the Layout Builder. I have created conditions to make it show on all blog posts, archives, etc… AND on the Blog page. (My blog page is basically a page, created with Avada. The page is named “blog” and is assigned to be “blog” page in WordPress settings. The page contains only one element : the blog element.

    Even if I have selected the Layout Condition to display on the Blog Page. The layout does not appear above the blog page.

    What’s weird is that when I try to put this layout in the Global Layout. It appears everywhere, even if on my Blog Page. So it’s really the conditionnal layout that does not want to show on the Blog Page. It’s only the blog page that has that problem.

    What’s also weird is that, when I modify the Blog Page to include another element above the Blog Element. So I got to the blog page. I click edit page. And I try to put any other Avada Element above the Blog Element. That element does not appear on the blog page. I hit publish. The additionnal element appears in the Avada Builder back en of the page… like the elements is there and should appear on the page. But it does not appear on the front end of the page.

    So it’s like the Blog Element is blocking any other element that I am trying to put on the blog page, even a custom layout that is clearly supposed to show on that blog page (green check on the Layout Builder Conditions : appear on page : Blog).

    What’s even weirder is that when the EXACT SAME blog template was set up as the front page (at that time I did not have a static front page… my blog was my front page… so I did not have a “Blog” page, rather my blog was on “mywebsite.com” front page) then the Custom Layout was showing perfectly on the Blog page (which was really the front page).

    So, it’s only in a page created by the Avada Builder, which shows the Blog Element, that no conditionnal custom layout can appear. And actually no other element at all, other than the Blog Element, even though the other elements are clearly shown on the page back end. They simply don’t appear on the front end. Same with the custom Layout Header that is supposed to appear on the blog page. When I put the layout as global layout, then it shows on the blog page. But that’s not the intent, as it would show on all other pages.

    Any idea why my Blog page, created in Avada Builder, is preventing any Custom Layout or any other elements to show other thant the blog? It’s weird.

    Thanks so much guys!

    Bill APS
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    Any answer to this? I’m having the same issue. Thanks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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