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    Is there a way to launch a modal window from a content box?
    If so, how?

    I cannot find any info on this site or via an internet search.
    The old forum may have had info but it’s gone.

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    Does anyone have a solution?

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    Hey guys

    Right now the Content Box Element URL field will not open a modal, we have a Git item for this, for our developers to building into Elements like the Content Box.

    You still can do this with a small workaround, using a button element, added to the Content Box text area. Add a content box, add a modal to the page and then edit the content box and using the FB selector add a button with the modal name added to the ‘Nodal Window Anchor’ field -> https://d.pr/i/z0ZYuj

    Basic front end example -> https://d.pr/i/GsYBDN – and when clicked -> https://d.pr/i/pp5seK

    Here is example raw, add it to a test page on your site to play with https://gist.github.com/m1chelangel0/1b0e4c997cb918c9528d19c12b0dbab8

    Thank you kindly

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    I found a solution!
    Create “Modal Text / HTML Link”
    Then in the text editor wrap “content box” tags by the “modal text” tags

    [fusion_modal_text_link ...] [fusion_content_box] ….. [/ fusion_content_box] [/ fusion_modal_text_link]

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    I need a solution for the Portfolio Post items, so that I can have a modal popup, because we are using it for Bios which are quite long.
    (FYI – the portfolio items do not give any good display options for a long bio, grid is long & narrow, masonry covers up the photo, hover popup are too narrow, so modls MUST work with Portfolio items.
    So, can I add a button item with the HTML/Modal link inside the portfolio content, then put the modal items on the respective pages?

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    OMG, webthsc this work around was genius. I didn’t want a button on my boxed containers. My eyes are crossed from looking at all the code and finding where to place it in the page coding but it worked! Thx

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    oops! I mean t0mgreen/Participant that work around worked. Thx. Now I may have to see if changes wipe it out automatically leaving me to have to put it back in again.

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    Hi webthsc

    I would love to see how you used this feature, can you post a link to the website page that you used this for Bios?

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