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    I just received an email from my hosting company saying that WordPress 5.0 will be available next week (Nov. 11).
    So, are there any issues with WP5 and Avada?
    I searched for something official from Avada but all I could find were two older articles.
    If I upgrade to 5.0, and I install the Classic Editor plugin, will all be well with Avada?

    Michael C
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    Hi @john816

    An official update from Theme Fusion will be posted soon. Until then rest assured we are aware of 5.0 and the changes it brings. So when it does get released the theme will be compatible and continue to be used as normal.

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    Hello @john816

    Firstly, thank you for checking in. I am just about to be publishing our next Gutenberg, WordPress & Avada Blog post, will be out shortly. Also, Markus our CTO posted the following in the Avada Facebook group the other day -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/AvadaUsers/permalink/1464423510369248/


    Here is some official information from us at ThemeFusion 🙂
    Please allow me to first share a few general thoughts about WP 5.0, the timeline and concerns. After that I’ll add a short Q&A which hopefully covers your most important questions.

    We all know that Gutenberg and WP 5.0 are a pretty hot topic, and that both have been discussed all over the web. There have been tons of concerns and that there is also disagreement on the readiness of Gutenberg. Most concerns are about the huge size of the change in WP core, about the fact that the official beta timeline is very short for such a change (although Gutenberg plugin has been around for quite some time) and about the opinion of quite a few people in the community that Gutenberg is just not ready yet.

    Unfortunately, we at ThemeFusion can’t influence that at all. But we have been updating out user base so far with a few blog posts and have also presented a first layer of Gutenberg compatibility in our Avada 5.7 release. A lot of info was given on our site, to inform users about what was in that release and also about the Gutenberg plugin itself. It can be found in out important update notes doc (https://theme-fusion.com/…/important-update-information/) and also in a dedicated doc post about Gutenberg and changes in Avada 5.7: https://theme-fusion.com/…/avada-and-gutenberg…/.

    Apart from publishing latest information we have to monitor things and see what the final results will be like, because we have no control over the development of WP core and the merge of Gutenberg into core. That of course makes it a bit difficult to have something prepared months in advance of the WP 5.0 release, because things in the core keep changing. And that is not only functionality wise, but also relates to function and filter names and other areas. This makes it especially difficult to prepare for the release of WP 5.0. When we released Avada 5.7 on October 1st, we did include the said first layer of Gutenberg compatibility. It made sure that you can work with Avada and Fusion Builder just in the way you are used to. Since Gutenberg was a plugin then, so not yet merged into core, we implemented the compatibility with regards to the plugin. Now through the changes of said names, after merge of Gutenberg to WP 5.0 core, this needs re-adjusted.

    To make it even more complicated, not even the release date is fully clear yet. In the WP 5.0 schedule post from October 3rd, https://make.wordpress.org/core/2018/10/03/proposed-wordpress-5-0-scope-and-schedule/ , it was stated that the core team would aim for November 19th, but if they didn’t make it, it could also be January 2019. Now, over the past few weeks, quite a few of us got the impression though, that they are going to release WP 5.0 on the 19th, no matter what. Even some of the highly involved and well-known members of the WP community, like Joost (Yoast SEO), have voiced their concerns about that: https://joost.blog/wordpress-5-0-needs-a-different-timeline/. He also tweeted about it (https://twitter.com/jdevalk/status/1059937701049393153, https://twitter.com/jdevalk/status/1060073126191685633) and pointed out, that exactly the post about the timeline concerns he posted, which was written with Gutenberg, is broken when viewing the AMP version of it. If concerns like this will be heard, we don’t know.

    In a later core blog post, from Oct 31st, https://make.wordpress.org/core/2018/10/03/proposed-wordpress-5-0-scope-and-schedule/ , it was said that WP 5.0 beta 4 would be released on November 5th. Today it is November 8th and we are still at beta 3.

    To sum up our observations regarding the timeline: we do currently prepare for both, a release of WP 5.0 on November 19th but also for a delayed release at an uncertain date.

    How are we doing that, and what is important for our user base? That we’ll try to answer in the following short Q&A.

    Will the latest at release date of WP 5.0 available version of Avada be working with WP 5.0?
    Yes, we will have you covered, and your sites will run smoothly, and you will continue to have the same awesome editing experience you are used to.

    How will that be possible? Will there be another Avada release before WP 5.0 launches?
    Yes, we currently have Avada 5.7.2 in the pipe, which will be a maintenance release containing mainly bugfixes, but which will also ensure that our first compatibility layer with Gutenberg (as introduced in Avada 5.7) is going to work seamlessly with the latest available beta of WP 5.0 and also the final release version. We are going to release it in advance of the scheduled WP 5.0 release on November 19th, so that everyone has time to update.

    Will Avada 5.7.2 work on WP 4.9.8?
    Yes, of course, it will work just fine with the current stable version of WP. So, you are free to update as soon as it is released. In fact, we do recommend just that.

    But wait, what if WP 5.0 is delayed then?
    That won’t have any consequences for the release of Avada 5.7.2. As said above, our new version will work with WP 4.9.8 as per usual and will keep the compatibility layer also for the latest plugin versions of Gutenberg.

    But what will happen, if there are further core changes in WP 5.0, that will break the compatibility?
    Our team will keep monitoring the betas and check them as soon as they are released, and we’ll also keep a close eye on any possible delays of the WP 5.0 release date. If any changes occur that would make adjustments necessary, we would implement these changes, and release another update just a few days before WP 5.0 launch to ensure all is working fine.
    Why don’t you wait then with the release of Avada 5.7.2 until the day before WP 5.0 is released?
    There are a few reasons for that. Currently, it doesn’t look like there will be further changes in WP 5.0 core that would break our compatibility layer. Also, we want everyone to have enough time to update to Avada 5.7.2 in advance, so there should be several days for that. And finally, there are some fixes and updates we don’t want to delay but get them out to our user base.

    What should I expect on updating to WP 5.0 when I’m on Avada 5.7.2?
    You can expect the same working experience that you are used to. Both, Avada and Fusion Builder will work in the same way they always did, so editing pages will be as it was before. Your front-end won’t be influenced by it at all. Additionally, you can also try out Gutenberg, because we added options to either create a post on Gutenberg or within Fusion Builder. You can’t edit a Gutenberg created post in Fusion Builder, but you are free to try Fusion Builder elements in Gutenberg. More information about that can be found here: https://theme-fusion.com/…/avada-and-gutenberg…/.

    Will my site break when I update to WP 5.0 without updating Avada?
    The short answer is: no. Your front-end will still work the same, so users visiting your site will experience no issues. Without updating Avada though, you won’t be possible to edit posts and pages in Fusion Builder, thus we strongly recommend updating to Avada 5.7.2 before you update to WP 5.0.

    Should I start testing WP 5.0 betas on my sites?
    Again, the short answer for any production site is: no. It is never recommended to use betas or nightly builds on production sites. If you want to play around with WP 5 beta, do a staging or local install.

    Will there be more information about WP 5 and Gutenberg from ThemeFusion?
    Yes. Our series of blog posts has already started, and it will continue within the next days and will also go on until after the release of WP 5.0.

    We hope that this helps to settle the jitters. You can rest assured that the ThemeFusion team continues to stay your reliable partner and will work even more, so that you have to worry less


    Thank you kindly

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