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    Anybody notice that with Internet Explorer, an event’s Featured Image takes up a large width of the page? Let me describe.

    I am on Avada 6.2.1 with the latest version of WP. Avada theme option: Events Calendar > General Events Calendar > Events Featured Image Hover Type: Lift Up.
    – Events Single Posts > Events Single Post Meta Layout: Sidebar (32% width for Single, 21% for Dual)

    Featured Images are at least 1000px wide. Configured blog width is about 1000px wide.

    With Chrome and Chromium-based Edge, an Event Calendar in List view displays the Featured Images as thumbnails within the blog’s configured width. In the individual event’s page, the image also is correctly displaying within the main content’s width, and does not overlap into the Sidebar that is on the right.

    This issue only occurs with Internet Explorer. In the calendar List View, the featured image is not shrunk and displays beyond the right-side width of the browser. It does not scale down.

    In individual event pages, the image takes up the whole width of the page, obscuring the sidebar on the right.

    Did anybody figure out how to resolve this? I do not remember when this issue started occurring.

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    I have the exact opposite issue on single events where your images are taking up the whole page, mine are smaller and the sidebar is centered in fact, all content is compartmentalized into the middle of the screen.

    I have contacted The Events Calendar as I have pro, I will let you know what they say as I believe it is their issue although I could be wrong.

    I say this because when you try to use Fusion Builder Live on a single event post one that was either updated or created after the updates, the lines of code that present issues pop up as soon as you try to edit where the sidebar goes. I meant to post this here not on your other post I will update that one now

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    Ah, interesting. Please let me know what they find out.

    At first thought, I was thinking that your source image might be too small (since it doesn’t seem to get resized to match Avada’s configured width). In my case, I know that my image is too large and that IE just doesn’t resize it smaller like the other browsers do.

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    No one is helping me and I finding many of us who are using the most up to date versions of Aveda and Event Calendar Pro are experiencing a few errors all of which point to incompatibly issues. Event calendar has me running around manually updating the plugin, clearing caches all of which I am well accustomed to doing, and noting is working. Below the first URL is events created before the updates and the second URL is events created after, nothing has changed but the updates


    I also find an error log:
    Existing theme overrides that may need revision:
    ▪ widgets/venue-widget.php (version data missing from override)
    ▪ widgets/list-widget.php (version data missing from override)
    ▪ map/single-event.php (version data missing from override)
    ▪ map/single-featured.php (version data missing from override)
    ▪ related-events.php (version data missing from override)
    ▪ photo/single-event.php (version data missing from override)
    ▪ photo/loop.php (version data missing from override)

    Did you find anything like the above?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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