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    Hey all,

    I do not have a development version of my site available and would like to ask here before I perform a step that will wipe out sections of my site.

    Namely, Avada suggests to use the new Avada Builder Layouts introduced earlier this year for Headers. This supposedly will help improve performance. I’m currently using Header 5.

    I went to edit the Global Layout > Header > Import Prebuilt Header Layout Sections. Chose Header 5. Immediately, this ominous warning appears:

    “WARNING: Importing a prebuilt layout will remove all other page content. Avada Global Options and images are not imported. Click OK to continue or cancel to stop.”

    My goal is to continue using Header 5 but as a Layout instead (for performance and greater customizability).

    From my understanding, importing prebuilt sections of the theme will not affect the site, but the warning above indicates otherwise. Is it safe to proceed? If I proceed, what “other page content” will be removed?

    Thank you

    Michael C
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    The warning is a bit over the top there. It just means it will replace the current layout section content with the content of the prebuilt you have selected. Which if its a new layout section means it will be overwriting nothing. Also it doesn’t automatically save so even if you wanted to check it out by importing you could do so then not save the changes. Also if you did save, depending on your host you would have WP revisions to restore older content. So all in all, should not be much to worry about here.

    It doesn’t impact content on any other page/layout section than what you are currently editing.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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