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    Can I create a custom field directly in WP/Avada (without the ACF plugin) under a “Woo simple product” – and then let Avada’s new conditional element rendering be controlled by that value?
    The info from Theme Fusion says that I can use the field “get variable”, but I can´t find any examples of how to use it with a custom field as above. What kind of variable/value can I actually use?

    Can I give an image (brand logo) a value and then render it in the product layout only if the value matches the brand name (found in a different custom field)?

    Is it possible (without ACF) to make a mathematical calculation based on the value in a custom field? For example, display the value from a custom price field ($100) and next to that display the same value divided by 2 ($50)?

    I didn´t find any solution on this page:

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    I am also extremely interested in this answer.

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    Me too! I cannot find any examples, anywhere.

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    Me too, has anyone found a way to use “get variable”?

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    Hello Avada-Team,

    Are you able to provide an extended documentation of “How To Use Conditional Element Rendering in Avada” in respect of the “Get Variable” field?

    Thank you
    Best Regards

    Michael C
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    The name there should be written GET variable with capitals. Since it is referring to https://www.php.net/manual/en/reserved.variables.get.php. It terms of usage that means checking for a variable in the current address and hiding or showing.

    Eg you could have a URL such as https://avada.theme-fusion.com/?reference=facebook. But you link people from different sources with different values. Based on that you then show different content. You would check for GET variable reference.

    Note though, ACF and custom fields will be added to the list for 7.5.


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    Is there a way to use local sessionStorage data in the conditional rendering? I’m trying to make different menus appear based on the answers to a popup form. Any direction would be helpful.

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