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    I’m using Avada layout to create my own custom layout for the single post blog (article/post) page. I want the date meta to show, and its working as intended showing the date however before the date its writing “Published On:”.

    Is there a way to remove completely or modify the text? (whether using the Avada options or through code) Also I’m trying to figure out if this text “Published On:” is coming from the theme Avada or from WordPress itself however I can’t figure it out.

    I actually tried to search all the website files for a text “Published On:” but it turned 0 results which made me baffled on where its coming from!

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    The easiest way to resolve this is to use a text element with dynamic text. There is no “before” text by default. All the meta information is available as dynamic text and gives you far more control. Example: https://avadathe.me/general/gradient-examples/

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    I ran in to the same issue and spent about 3 hours combing through every Avada php file known to man. I was ready to give up, then I had a light-bulb moment. DON’T use the meta element, build your own!

    You can easily create custom blog meta (with date only, date and read time, etc etc) simply by inserting a text block then pulling in dynamic content. Viola! Custom meta created. You can even insert your own custom text before or after the dynamic content.

    If you want a simple published date without that stupid “Published on” just add a text block to your blog article layout and pull in dynamic page date. Speaking of layouts, the best way to really customize your blog article design is by using the custom layout option. But that’s a completely separate topic.

    Hope this helped!

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    Hi, I came across the same issue and decided to use a text block and dynamic content. I do have a question – how would you go about getting the date and the categories meta to flow nicely on the page, like for example: April 3rd, 2022 | Travel, Europe, Adventure. I’ve been playing with nested columns, but not getting the result I desire, like that of using the meta element. All suggestion are welcomed.

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