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    Trying to build the 3 content-boxes as per the Hotel-demo (for the rooms, under Accommodation): Avada-Hotel (screenshot: Imgur).

    Those content-boxes come with a host of options, but that specific layout is not mentioned here: DEMOS

    I have been trying to copy the HTML-code (into the Default-editor), but then the Fusion-Builder will not accept/recognise it – it shows as pure HTML in the Builder (though in preview it looks like the demo-page).

    How to create those boxes – or how to obtain the HTML that will be parsed in the Builder?

    Thank you!

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    When you create a new page, you can import pages and look at how they built. (Screenshot: Imgur)

    The content boxes are placed over an image of the room.

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    Thank you @Exaltare!

    That did work – and yes, completely overlooked the fact the box is on top of the image (with a grey bottom half). Simple, but great technique.
    And the importing of individual demo-pages works well too – working with Avada for several years now, but never noticed (needed) it – will use more often now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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