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    Using Version 7.9.2: I’m really stuck with something probably very simple. Please take a look at https://xy.ag on a mobile device.

    The header layout section is really simple: It’s a container with two columns, one configured to be 1/3 and the other 2/3. In the 1/3 column, there’s a single image element, with the image width constraint to 50 pixels. The 2/3 column holds a single menu element.

    It was my expectation, that the image and the menu will be shown next to each other “in the same row”. However, the column containing the image element for some reason stretched across the entire page width. I’ve added border attributes to the 1/3 column for clarity.

    No matter which design options I set on either the container, the columns, the image or menu elements, I can’t get the logo to show nicely on the left border and the menu on the right border.

    Any help is greatly appreciated since I’ve been struggling with this for quite a while.

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