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    I am re-designing an existing WooCommerce website for a client on a test sub-domain of their live site using the latest Avada theme.

    My first step in the process was to use Duplicator to make a copy of the production site which is what I am working with now.

    My plan had been to finish up the new design on the test location and then export the theme settings to the production site once Avada has been installed and activated there, along with the relevant new pages, etc. But thinking about this in more detail I now realise that this won’t be possible because the new menus that are linked to my custom header and footer layouts will not be present on the production site and won’t be exported with the theme. This is a bit of a problem!

    What is the best way of over-coming this issue? Obviously I can’t simply use Duplicator to bring the new site back to the production site because none of the transactions that have occurred since the first duplication will be on there.

    Any ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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