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    I’m using the H1 title, centered with separators on either side. The title is not coming out centered, but rather to the right.

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    it looks like separator on the left has padding or margin. You can try to add margin-right: 10% to your h1 in css, or margin-left to the separator on the right side.

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    Thank you, that still didn’t work.

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    Couldn’t get it to work, so I went ahead and made three columns instead, with separators on either side. That worked.

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    @thidalynda – this was frustrating me too… but found out why it wasn’t behaving the way I expected: in the Avada title element you need to have the text as paragraph, not h1 or h2 etc… if you add a heading tag within the title element it will add an extra h tag with the padding set in Avada theme style and then your h element – adding what looks like text-indent to your headings.

    Ammar. S
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    Hello Everyone.

    This is Ammar and I am Support Manager here at ThemeFusion.

    When you are using a Title Element there is no need for you to put a H2 or H3 or any kind of title tag inside the element, it is not required at all, the title itself is sufficient for it and it will never display a P tag, what you think is a P tag is not a Paragraph at all => https://d.pr/free/i/8SkjAd

    The header element is already doing its job and you can simply change the header style from the Design Tab here => https://d.pr/free/i/feq8SD

    You can simply check this by inspecting the element => https://d.pr/free/i/A0F0Up

    This is the correct way of using the Title Element and there is no other way to use it, it will center if you align it to center just fine and it will align the way you align it just fine => https://d.pr/free/i/DA7tbp

    Now on other scenario let us see what you are doing, you are additionally adding a H2 tag here => https://d.pr/free/i/jqtv4I
    This is not required at all because this is already been done here => https://d.pr/free/i/QYT6T5

    If you want to change the Font Size / Line Height or anything else you can either do it globally from Avada > Theme Options > Typography > Header Typography or you can do that Individually too from the Title Element itself here => https://d.pr/free/i/SZNgun

    So in short, why is there a need to put an H2 there that is causing the centering issue for you simply because it is wrong code and its adding additional styling to the element => https://d.pr/free/i/KsufSV

    If you want to use your custom HTML, please use Code Block or Text Block and you can use as many HTML tags as you want there.

    If you need further assistance with anything else, please open a support ticket and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    have a good weekend!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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