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    I recently decided to try out the Gutenberg Editor because WP Product Review is no longer going to be supported moving forward. They recommended another plugin that uses Blocks, and so I assume that means having to switch to Gutenberg over from Classic.

    The switch immediately broke the image/video caption styling and the left/right margins. CSS could then be used to fix the <figure> and <figcaption> classes to match what I originally had with Avada.

    The one thing I could not fix, however, are the galleries. Gutenberg’s Gallery actually is by far better than what was available through the Classic Editor. However, the gallery looks great in the Backend editor, but shows up as an Unordered List on the Frontend instead. It’s maddening. I decided to switch back to the Classic Editor. See attached screen capture of both views.

    Gutenberg Gallery with Avada Theme (Image: https://ibb.co/N75kX65)

    I did hear that Gutenberg/Block style editing is faster to load and I had considered switching to Avada’s FusionBuilder. Problem with that is that if you switch to FusionBuilder, you’ll basically be stuck with Avada and have a much harder time switching to another theme in the future. Avada is very bloated and has crashed my Shared web hosting plan a number of times due to the sheer number of CPU processes it invokes.

    Anybody have a solution on how to fix the Gutenberg Gallery styling with Avada? I tested the same post with another Theme and the Gallery looked exactly as shown in Gutenberg. So, the issue definitely is with Avada.

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    Hi there,
    it´s obvious that AVADA theme don´t really care about Gutenberg editor.
    Vou are right when you get stuck with Fusion builder in the future.

    The only way today switching to a gutenberg related theme is copy and paste your content into Gutenberg editor first.
    After that you can switch easy to another theme.

    Since WP 5.8 there are very nice enhancements for gutenberg editor and much more to come.
    We are about leaving AVADA theme after many years pretty soon.

    Too bad they dont really care…

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    Hey hksscom,

    Just looks like a simple configuration problem. Go to Avada > Options > Advanced and find: https://i.imgur.com/uN16s0q.png and make sure it is set to on. Then the gallery will work.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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