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  • blueyguana
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    Hi, please help,

    I’m facing a strange Gallery issue…
    I wanted to post my September 2018 gallery, I included 12 images, when I preview the page everything is fine…
    once I update and refresh the gallery isn’t showing up @ all or all images are overlapping
    url here

    Michael C
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    Hi @blueyguana

    This will be due to a lazy load plugin by the looks of the source code. If you have such a plugin running please test with it disabled.

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    Hi @ Michael C,
    ty for the fast answer, however I don’t use any lazy load plugin, also I deactivated ALL unnecessary plugins, the issue still remains.
    Also if the issue with gallery display would be due to other plugins , all my gallery pages should have the same issue, No ?
    It is only that page with that gallery…
    It seems to me that the issue is due to the Avada theme/page/ gallery and nothing else.
    I used exactly the same procedure as I’m doing since many years now, to shift at the end of every month my Images to a newly created page/gallery,(in this case: September 2018) all the other pages/galleries are fine ?

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    Hi @blueyguana, I have same issue designing https://www.oliviadesignlab.com/

    It is a good idea to deactivate the plugins one by one until the conflict is located, in my case it was Jetpack 6.7, when I deactivated it the gallery worked perfectly. With Jetpack active Gallery Layout Grid overlap images, and Masonry does not work at all.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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