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    Is there any way to set the portfolio posts as full-width pages? If so, how?

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    Something like this? https://imgur.com/a/Dxaq5rl

    If so, below are the page settings I used. I wasn’t able to import them into my Avada install when I went to test the import. Even though I’m running with 6.2.1 with all patches applied. Oh well. I hope you can to save you some time.

    If you can’t import my settings for some reason, then use my settings as a list to guide you through your portfolio page settings. I also zeroed out my container margins as you can see from the screen grab.

    Good luck!

      "width": "full",
      "show_first_featured_image": "no",
      "fimg": {
        "width": "0",
        "height": "0"
      "portfolio_project_desc_title": "no",
      "portfolio_project_details": "no",
      "layout": "wide",
      "bg_full": "no",
      "display_header": "yes",
      "header_bg_full": "no",
      "page_title_bar_bs": "none",
      "page_title_100_width": "yes",
      "portfolio_width_100": "yes",
      "main_padding": {
        "top": "0",
        "bottom": "0"
      "content_bg_full": "yes",
      "footer_100_width": "yes",
      "image_rollover_icons": "default",
      "bg_repeat": "default",
      "header_bg_repeat": "repeat",
      "displayed_menu": "default",
      "slider_type": "no",
      "wooslider": "0",
      "elasticslider": "0",
      "page_title_bar": "no",
      "content_bg_repeat": "default",
      "portfolio_sidebar": "default_sidebar",
      "portfolio_sidebar_2": "default_sidebar",
      "sidebar_sticky": "default"
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    Hi Mark,

    I had to reply and say thanks! I’d been bashing my head against a wall trying to get this working for over two hours. I should have just searched the community forum and saved myself time!

    Thank you again.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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