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  • Luca Arietti
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    I’ve noticed that Flip Boxes, since I’ve updated Avada from version 6.2 to version 7, have an ugly square outline, which from Smartphone remains permanently after touching one of them to flip it. The effect is unpleasant as the border of my Flip Boxes is rounded, and then around it you see those ugly edges.
    The same effect also occurs from the PC, if I click on the back of one of the Flip Boxes
    This happens also to your Demo website (just watch the Flip Boxes): https://avada.theme-fusion.com/construction/

    Another flaw I found, since I updated Avada to version 7, is that if I create a Title, and set the “Rotating” type, with the “Slide Down” effect, if I want the text to be centered it happens that all the different words have the left margin corresponding to the margin of the longest word. Consequently, only the longest word is actually centered, while all the others are shifted to the left (very ugly to see).
    Instead, in Avada 6.2 every single word was centered.

    Are you going to fix those problems?

    Best Regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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