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    I would like some help solving a problem displaying a menu in the sidebar after upgrading to Avada 7.9.1. The menu displays correctly with space between items under version 7.8.1 (see https://newhavenleon.org/about/). After upgrading the menu runs together and text is not contrasting (see https://staging1.newhavenleon.org/about/). If I create a page with the menu widget not in a sidebar it displays correctly. Here is a page under 7.9.1 that uses the same widget on sidebars and in center (see https://staging1.newhavenleon.org/8042-2/). It formats correctly in center but not on the sidebars. I can’t figure out the problem and have not found a work around. Any help or suggestions would be welcome.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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